I recorded nearly 20GBs worth of material for this library and designed hundreds of gore and melee weapon impacts, stabs, chops, whooshes, squelches, explodes, breaks and splinters, to name but a few! The final library is just shy of 3GBs and contains over 875 designed and source gore and weapon assets.

You can visit the SoundMorph page and hear my work: here

Elemental Magic

I provided 200 bespokley designed elemental magic audio assets for the SoundMorph audio library: Elemental – Magic Sound Collection. This involved field recording, editing and processing of audio material to create completely new and original magic sounds.

My contribution to the library included fire, poison, ice, wind, water, earth, good, neutral and evil spells.

You can visit the SoundMorph page and hear my work: here

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